Make a Splash – If there is one place in the world that Mother Nature has blessed, that place is Puerto VallartaMexico! The landscape around Puerto Vallarta is diverse, boasting mountains, jungle, beaches, rivers, waterfalls and a delightful kaleidoscope of natural flora and fauna.

Thanks to its privileged geographical location in the Las Juntas de Los Veranos, there is a surprising variety of plant and animal life around Los Veranos Canopy Tour. Situated 1,600 meters above sea level, the jungle is classified as Tropical Deciduous which means that 70 percent of the plants and trees lose their leaves during the dry season. During the rainy season, July – October, about 70 inches of rain falls – bringing the jungle to life! Among the capomo trees, the tallest trees in the Banderas Bay area, our guides will point out vanilla vines and agave plants, which are used to make tequila.

The jungle is also alive with 200 different kinds of bromeliads and orchids. The seeds of these exotic plants, called epiphytes, fly through the air and land on trees, which is where the orchids grow. Bromeliads trap water inside their leaves and have a variety of animals, mosquitos, frogs and worms living inside. In fact, as many as 250 animal species have been found in just one leaf! As you are flying from tree to tree, you’ll also see philodendrons, strangler figs, rubber trees, palms and bamboo, as well as tree-bound termite nests and a large numbers of iguanas, tropical birds and parakeets.