After your canopy tour we invite you to explore our botanical hiking trail (Freddy’s Trail) which will take you alongside the Orquideas River, by the local ranches and deep into the lush tropical jungle. On our trail, you will encounter plenty of birds, wildlife and a huge variety of indigenous plants and flowers. If you love nature or are a budding photographer, be sure to bring your camera to capture some of the beautiful flowers; such as passion flower, birds of paradise, blooming cacti and the many varieties of orchids.

Philodendrons grow wild, the Campomo (breadnut) trees reach high to the sky and the enormous strangler figs make for fun photo opportunities. You may even get luckier and spot one of the many varieties of hummingbirds in search of nectar. The trail takes about 20 minutes to hike and does not require a high level of physical ability, so people of all ages can enjoy our tropical paths.

We do recommend you use bug spray and wear appropriate shoes. We have lockers available. Non-Participants of the Canopy Tour are more than welcome to explore the trail, as well as our river fun area and sandy beach, animal house and of course, our Restaurant and Tequila Bar.

We offer Non-Participants of the Canopy Tour transportation to our tour location for only $20 US round trip.