The beautiful pristine Orquideas River, rushes and cascades to create perfect “pocket pools” for swimming or relaxing. Kayak down the rushing waters or drop into the refreshing river from our built-in water slides high above the water…..the perfect platform for showing off while cooling off. We have a rope swing also for more daring individuals and a groomed beach that captures the sun’s rays and offers a toasty warm place to lounge and relax alongside the river.
Our sandy river beach provides kids with the perfect environment for swimming, building a sandcastle, or wading in the water to observe pollywogs, minnows and other fascinating river life. If you know someone too young (or too timid) to participate in the Canopy Tour, we welcome you to bring them along and enjoy our river beach, animal house and hiking trail.
Our River Fun is inclusive with the Zip Line Canopy Tour. We provide the Kayaks and Equipment and we ask you to bring a few items. What to Bring.


– Kayaking on the rushing waters of the Orquideas River (weather permitting) for kayaks.
– Swimming or wading in our natural pocket pools or river
– Water Slides from high above the water to the deep natural river pool below
– Rope Swing for the daring
– Groomed Sandy Beach for relaxing or tanning.