After the rush of soaring over the jungle canopy, celebrate your accomplishment by samplinga a variety of local Tequila not found anywhere else but at Los Veranos. You will have this one opportunity to taste perfectly crafted Tequilas some with unique flavors. Sit at our river-side bar with old friends, toast new and be entertained and educated about this local specialty. Puerto Vallarta. Its production is one of the traditional local arts and you can try it at the tequila bar at Los Veranos.

As the early Spaniards searched for a source of fermentable sugar for the production of distilled spirits, they naturally looked to the agave, which grew in abundance in the rich volcanic soils of the high valleys around Guadalajara. Trial and error led them to one particular species that always seemed to produce the most full-bodied taste.This special plant was the Agave Tequilana Weber, the legendary blue agave or agave azul. Today, over 90,000 acres of blue agave are under cultivation in the tequila growing region of Mexico with the greatest concentration near the town of Tequila.

This small city in Jalisco, about 45 miles northwest of Guadalajara, was once the home to over 90 distilleries. Today, although their numbers have shrunk to fewer than 20, these and the region’s other remaining fabricas annually produce over 55 million liters of tequila.